Francesca is an Anthropology and Social Change PhD student studying economic anthropology; labor, leisure, post-work imaginaries & utopian paradigms. Currently living and working in Los Angeles, Francesca is an appointed Hispanic Scholar, UN Youth Delegate, Diversity & Opportunity Scholarship awardee, Society for Visual Anthropology mentee and current Graduate Student Representative-At-Large for the National Association of Student Anthropologists (NASA). Trained as a Visual Anthropologist, Francesca’s doctoral research includes ethnographic film-work that explores work-culture and labor activism through 3rd style cinema and collaborative ethnography.

In addition to her anthropological work, Francesca works full-time in the non-profit sector and is a volunteer researcher for the LA based Solidarity Research Center where she collaborates on projects that support solidarity economies, cooperative initiatives, and grassroots economic organizing.

A daughter of Mexican working-class  immigrants, Francesca’s journey towards radical labor organizing began as a homeless youth and domestic violence survivor in Los Ángeles, CA. Now a seasoned labor rights activist and radical organizer with the Industrial Workers of the World, Francesca is not only dedicated to empowering workers but also reimagining the future of work.

Here, she chronicles her academic journey, research critiques and social activism.

This blog exists not only as a personal mouthpiece but also, a global platform aimed at strengthening the anthropological community transnationally, sharing work and resources with the greater public and offering a glimpse into the world of Activist Anthropology and Visual Ethnography.