I’m a third culture kid and Mexican-Indigenous activist pursuing an Anthropology PhD with a passion for human rights, humanitarianism, geopolitics and economic justice. Here, I chronicle my journey, research critiques and social activism.

This blog exists not only as a personal mouthpiece but also, a global platform aimed at strengthening the anthropological community transnationally, sharing work and resources with the greater public and offering a glimpse into the world of Activist Anthropology.

Some of my interests include: Human Rights, Visual Anthropology, Humanitarianism, Refugee Displacement, Immigration, Assimilation, Transnationalism, Art Therapy, GeoPolitics, Marxist thought, the critical study of work, Work & Corporate Culture, Worker Disposability & Unpaid Labor, Union Law, Economic Activism, Indigenous and Minority Economic Justice, Postmodernism and Activist Ethnography.